Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Books

My new shelves ~ just for Christmas Books!

Recent additions to my collection include . . .

~ something new ~

Santa Lives!
Five Conclusive Arugments for the Existence of Santa Claus

by Ellis Weiner

"But while we often like to comfort or flatter ourselves
with the thought that the future is now,
the brute truth is, the future is not now.
The present is now. The future is later --
in some cases much later."

~ Ellis Weiner, from Santa Lives

A delightfully droll and witty philosophical mock - up, including The Ontological Argument, The Causal Argument, The Argument from Design, and so forth. My older son Ben gave it to me for Christmas last year because he has just been assigned to read it in his philosophy class at Purdue. I gave several friends a copy this year, along with Yiddish with Dick & Jane and The Joy of Worry, also by Weiner and equally clever!

and . . .

~ something old ~

Sleigh Bells for Windy Foot


Maple Sugar for Windy Foot

by Frances Frost

Thanks to my cousin Maggie for introducing me to Windy Foot last year, calling my attention to these books, and sharing her memory of reading them aloud with her mother (my Aunt Frances) every Christmas as she was growing up. Sleigh Bells is a charming story of getting ready for a rural American Christmas in the late 1940s.

Speaking of the good old days . . . Check out these wonderfully nostalgic images!

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