Monday, June 24, 2019

From the Desk Of

What the painting looks like with its
"expansive background" ~ hanging on the wall
at The National Museum for Women in the Arts


From A Gentleman in Moscow
By American novelist Amor Towles (b 1964)
“A king fortifies himself with a castle,” observed the Count, “a gentleman [or a scholar] with a desk.”

The Count ran his hand across the desk's dimpled surface.

How many of the Grand Duke's words did those faint indentations reflect? Here over forty years had been written concise instructions to caretakers; persuasive arguments to statesmen; exquisite counsel to friends. In other words, it was a desk to be reckoned with.
(12, 18)


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From the Desk of Ernest Hemingway:
"But never feel as good as while writing."


From the Desk of Simone de Beauvoir:
On the Side of Happiness

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